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We are great at Personal Training, and not so great at creative writing, so bear with us as we explain our passion for our clients and search for the next Personal Trainer to join our team.

Our base is a boutique style studio with only the most necessary pieces of equipment; leaving plenty of open space for functional and effective training.  But you’re not limited to the indoor space.  We foster an environment of health & fitness through creativity, fun and challenge so dynamic sessions in the park or at Memorial Stairs are part of every client’s program.

Oh that’s right – Programs!  We do those… Every client has a unique goal and for each goal an innovative program is created and followed.  Regularly scheduled evaluations measure progress and allow for program modifications.

But what we are most proud of is the relationships we build with our clients.  Our reputation and brand is centered on supporting our clients beyond the confines of a 1 hour training session.  We continue to engage, encourage and support each individual with post session follow ups and sincerity in our care for their success.

If you’re excited about what you’ve read, here are some things we are specifically looking for from our next team member:

  1. Kinesiology Degree, Personal Fitness Training Diploma, or equal accreditation
  2. Minimum 2 years’ experience
  3. Must be able to design personalized, effective and innovative training programs
  4. Flexibility in working during client requested times and adaptable to a dynamic schedule
  5. A passion for experiencing and sharing new adventures
  6. Must be a great communicator
  7. Be outgoing, enthusiastic and have a positive attitude in general
  8. Personally invested in health & fitness with the passion for continued education in the field
  9. Sincerely empathetic and dedicated to clients’ goals

Did that sound like your biography?  Now imagine coming to work every day, to work in the field you love, making a difference in the lives of your clients and spending your day with fellow positive and like-minded folk… only thing left to do is apply.  Please be sure to read the application process carefully before submitting your resume.

Email your application to Kevin@bodybefit.ca and ensure it includes the following:

        Your updated resume

        A cover letter (here’s your chance to show off your great communication skills and tell us what your resume doesn’t – why you’re prefect for the job despite not having 5 years of experience…)

        Your salary expectations

This position will stay open until the perfect candidate is found for the role.

Results are not guaranteed, individual results may vary