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Personal Training Programs

Training programs designed by a knowledgeable and certified Personal Trainer can be the critical difference between a client reaching their fitness goals, or not. There are two types of training programs; The General Fitness Program and The Personalized Fitness Program.
A Generalized Fitness Program is designed to keep you active and motivated and improve on your current fitness levels. These programs can help your drop weight, increase lean muscle mass, and lower body fat percentage, among other benefits.
A Personalized Fitness Program is designed with your specific goals in mind. The more specific the client’s goals, the more detailed the plan. Most personalized programs are designed around fitness milestones, events or adventures like hiking the Grand Canyon, running your first race, or reaching a major health milestone.
All programs start with a consultation held in-person, through Facetime/Skype or on the phone. Each client should allow a minimum of 90 minutes for their initial consultation. This is a time where we discuss both long term and short term goals, nutrition, sleep patterns, medical concerns, previous or current injuries, stress levels and other important health patterns. The information given is vital to the design of the program so the more information I am given, the more equipped I am to design the program that’s right for you.
You will be tasked to find your starting point with a guide and assistance supplied to you by your trainer. Measurements, bodyfat percentage, before pictures and initial fitness evaluation will also be used to design your program. Once this information is gathered it will take 2-3 days to design your 12-week program.
Included in this service you will receive the personal training program and access to your personal trainer by Facetime, Skype, email, text or phone. You will be given access to Kevin’s Training Video Library on how to safely perform each exercise incase you are unfamiliar with how to complete certain exercise movements. You will be given two options for your nutrition program. You are welcome to follow a very basic food plan or work with Registered Dietician Chelsey Love. You will also get daily motivation texts from your trainer. Sometimes a text from your trainer is all it takes to get you up and into the gym.
At the end of your 12 week program the you will have all your initial assessments repeated to measure your progress over the last three months.


  • Generalized Fitness Program: 197.00
  • Personalized Fitness Program: 327.00
  • Contact Kevin at ksmith27@shaw.ca for more details
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