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"Break free of the boardroom and give your staff the gift of health with our corporate fitness sessions."

Break free of the boardroom and give your staff the gift of health with our corporate fitness sessions. You know that healthy employees take less sick time and are more productive – so we make it easy for you to bring physical fitness to your workplace.

We’ll work with you to conduct a group training session at a time that fits the schedules of your employees. And if you need us to supply the fitness equipment, we’ll do it at no extra charge.

All you have to do is book the session and decide on a location – we’ll do the rest.

Start Moving

Swap those spreadsheets for some speed drills. Schedule a corporate fitness session for your employees.

What our clients are saying

“The corporate fitness sessions have been great for increasing my strength, stamina, and endurance. I feel invigorated all day now and don’t suffer from the typical mid-afternoon crash. The transformation has been nothing short of miraculous – I’m in better shape after only 3 months* than I have been in 25 years.”

– Dana MacLean, 53 years old, Construction Superintendent

“The first day I showed up at a corporate fitness session, Kevin noticed that I had a problem with my right shoulder. Not only did he modify the exercises to avoid further damage, he put me in touch with someone to help heal the injury. At that time, I could not do one single push up. After a few months working out with Kevin and getting care for my shoulder*, I was able to do 20! The investment in my health and fitness has been the best one I could have made for my future and for my family.”

– Michael Greyson, 57  years old, Joint Interest Consultant

*results may vary

Results are not guaranteed, individual results may vary